The GOALIEDEV Method starts with the philosophy and methodology of its founder and head instructor Nevin Hamilton. Nevin believes it is important to provide goalies with training and instruction all while allowing an individual’s techniques and natural abilities to remain a part of their game.

The GOALIEDEV Method focuses on technique reinforced by repetition. Repetition is very important for perfecting a skill, but first the goaltender must have the basics of the skill. The GOALIEDEV Method emphasizes the teaching of the technique taking into account the goaltender’s style and ability. To help accomplish this, we limit our semi-private sessions to 2 goalies and maintain a low instructor to goalie ratio for our camps. Our methodology is focused on the long-term development of our goaltender’s, not on profits.

Positioning and rebound control are the most important aspects of a goaltender’s game and the key differentiators between the elite goaltender and a good goaltender. Consistent application of these skills including recovery, hip rotation and stick positioning are what advanced level coaches look for in a goalie and are the skills the GOALIEDEV Method emphasize. There are many other important skills a goaltender needs to possess such as movement, puck tracking, skating, stance and puck handling all of which are incorporated into the GOALIEDEV Method. Anticipation, knowledge and mental toughness are also important aspects of a goaltender’s game. Taking the time to connect with the goalie and introduce game situations into our training is what makes GOALIEDEV the premiere choice for goalie training and instruction.

I play a position where you make mistakes. The only people that don’t make them at a hockey game are the people watching.Patrick Roy