Most of our goalie camps & clinics take place during the summer or during holiday breaks during the season at various locations across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Florida. Camps\clinics are a great way to maximize training in a structured environment that utilizes the GOALIEDEV Methodology. Camps and clinics provide excellent training opportunities for goalies of all ages and abilities.

Unless otherwise noted, all of our goalie camps and clinics are “goalie-only” meaning there is not a skater camp on the ice at the same time. Many programs offer some goalie training to attract goalies to be “shooter tutors” for their skater camp. They will put the goalies in a corner and basically tell them to stay out of the way until the shooters need them. THIS IS NOT GOALIE TRAINING! All of our goalie camps and clinics focus on the goalie with a low goalie-to-coach ratio. Occasionally we will split the ice with skaters (at the red line or blue line) and design drills around the goaltender rotating goalies through stations with a goalie-only station at one end. Even in these types of training, the goaltender is the focus.

The large goalie schools have many instructors that run camps like a factory and not all of these factory instructors are as capable as the other. With these large goalie schools you roll the dice and hope you get a good instructor. With GOALIEDEV, all camps and clinics are personally attended and all instruction overseen by our founder and head instructor Nevin Hamilton. Like Nevin, all of our assisting staff play or have played at the varsity high school, junior, college, and post-college levels. Under Nevin’s direction, each instructor operates under the mission of developing a goaltender’s potential and each possesses the knowledge and experience that is required to communicate and teach the GOALIEDEV Method. For more information about our instructors, please see the about page.

Scheduled Goalie Camps